Re: Adjusting Ultraflex steering cables?

Scott SV Tengah

Thanks Olivier. 

I used the method Mike suggested and the eye was easily rotated back to the right position. 

With the quadrant disconnected, I rotated the helm end to end and thankfully there is zero resistance. Hopefully I dodged a bullet. 

On Sat, Dec 12, 2020, 03:57 Beaute Olivier via <> wrote:
Hello Scott,

what you describe is frightening and the lesson is: Don't let anyone work on your boat unless they know what they do, and try to get all the informations you can before letting them do.
That's what this forum is very good at: exchanging informations between novices and old salts who have been dealing with issues.

Adjusting the steering cables should be piece of cake...

I'm afraid your cable(s) are now partly uncoiled: the strands may be a bit untwisted, which may put a bit of resistance in their sheaths.
While the cables are disconnected at the quadrant end, you should turn the wheel from one end to the other, many many times, to try to get the eye terminal back to flat-original position.

If you feel a lot of resistance while doing this, then this means the cables are permanently damaged, and it may be time to order and install a new pair.

Tell us what happens after you try the above.

Good luck.


On Friday, December 11, 2020, 07:35:17 AM GMT+1, Scott SV Tengah <scott.nguyen@...> wrote:


That did the trick, thanks! 

Now onto the new problem. It seems that one of the "joints" that cables go through has developed a lot more play than the other. See attached photo. 

Can this be rebuilt easily? If not, is this an Amel specific part or something I can buy from ultra flex? 

On Thu, Dec 10, 2020, 17:54 Mike Longcor (SV Trilogy) <svtrilogy53@...> wrote:
Hi Scott,

On my SM#23, the pole is threaded at the end and the eye fitting is screwed onto it. This allows for proper orientation and positioning of the eye so it can mount correctly with the vertical bolts of the quadrant. Maybe yours was over tightened when someone was working in it? If you can hold the pole and keep it from rotating, perhaps you can back the eye fitting off?

Or maybe my system is totally different than your A54... Figured I'd mention it just in case it helps.

Mike Longcor
SV Trilogy SM23
New Zealand

On Fri, Dec 11, 2020, 2:26 PM Scott SV Tengah <Scott.nguyen@...> wrote:
As these things go, it's never as simple as you expect.

Someone worked on it and tried to rotate the internal cable, with the toggle eye on the end. I surmise they rotated it multiple revolutions. This was their ill informed way of trying to adjust the cable tension. Now this internal cable's eye has set in a resting position that is 45 degrees off from vertical. That, of course, does not align with the vertical bolt on the steering quadrant. If I try to rotate the eye back, it will rotate but will bounce back to 45 degrees from vertical as soon as I release tension. If I rotate it a full 360 degree revolution, it clicks but keeps the same non-vertical resting orientation.

I emailed ultraflex and they said to just temporarily twist the eye and put the bolt in. Not comforting that we'd have that constant rotational tension as the cable moves in and out. They also suggested if I really wanted to align it, I could "Disconnect the cable from both ends and you should be able to push the shaft in and out while you turn the cable if you want it to move back into place." Not sure exactly what that means.

Any ideas from those who have more experience with this system on how I can get this fixed without damaging the cables? Do I simply twist the eye, install it and a few hundred sea miles will untwist the cable and orient it correctly? 


On Fri, Nov 20, 2020 at 9:27 AM Scott SV Tengah via <> wrote:
Thank you Olivier! Exactly what I was looking for.
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2007 A54 #69
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2007 A54 #69
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