Re: Gib Track Plugs

Karen Smith

We installed the polyethylene plastic plugs from AMEL, and they lasted about 12 months in mostly tropical sun before crumbling away to uselessness. Cleanly and completely removing the remaining parts after the top has sun-rotted is very tedious, and not a job we wanted to do again.

We then filled the holes flush to the top with GE SCS2000 silicone, gray (essentially identical to Dow Corning 795).  Looks great, does not shrink when it cures, and has lasted 3 years without issue.  Since silicones are generally UV stable, I expect this will be as close to permanent solution as can be found on a boat.

If you go this route, give the upper surface of the track a good coat of wax before filling the holes.  That will make the inevitable bit of thin silicone film you smear on the surface wipe off easily after it cures.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie,
Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

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