Watermaker: Dessalator D60 Freedom Pump Problem

Alan "Woody" Wood

Re: Dessalator D60 Freedom: 1996 No: 630046 Type: MBT1141L

I wondered if anyone could help resolve this issue?

I replaced the membranes a few weeks ago but since then the pump doesn't seem to work - it just doesn't pump water to the membranes.  
I've tried priming the pump by pouring water directly into the intake (it took about two litres when switched off - not sure where it all went) but it barely draws a dribble when switched on, even though the motor seems to be working fine.
I didn't touch the pump at all when changing the membranes so could it be the high pressure hose? Is there anything I might try like testing for air leaks? I looked at the exploded diagram and there doesn't seem to be a diaphragm to check so frankly I'm baffled :/
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