Re: Watermaker: Dessalator D60 Freedom Pump Problem

Thomas Peacock

We also went through some D60 blues a year ago. Fortunately, it happened in Martinique, and the problem was quickly fixed.

When was the last time you used the system before changing the membranes? Just a few days, or had it bee a while? Was it working 100%? What prompted the membrane replacement?

I believe that our problem was quickly solved by the techs and was some sort of seal problem. Works perfectly now.

Tom Peacock
SM 240 Aletes
Chesapeake Bay

On Dec 14, 2020, at 7:11 AM, Alan Woody Wood <woody@...> wrote:

Re: Dessalator D60 Freedom: 1996 No: 630046 Type: MBT1141L

I wondered if anyone could help resolve this issue?

I replaced the membranes a few weeks ago but since then the pump doesn't seem to work - it just doesn't pump water to the membranes.  
I've tried priming the pump by pouring water directly into the intake (it took about two litres when switched off - not sure where it all went) but it barely draws a dribble when switched on, even though the motor seems to be working fine.
I didn't touch the pump at all when changing the membranes so could it be the high pressure hose? Is there anything I might try like testing for air leaks? I looked at the exploded diagram and there doesn't seem to be a diaphragm to check so frankly I'm baffled :/
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Tom Peacock
SM 240 Aletes
Chesapeake Bay

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