Re: A54 bow thruster seal replacement?

Scott SV Tengah

Perfect. I remember seeing photos before but couldn't remember where. Your pics and Bill's pics help immensely. 

Thank you. 

As an aside - our flexible coupling cracked after about 2 years. Did you have the same issue? 

Our bow thruster is much more powerful after the lithium upgrade because there is almost no voltage drop. Sleipner said that they spec theirs to expect 21-22 volts or thereabouts under load and we are closer to 24.5-25.

This may be a hidden "disadvantage" of lithium. 

On Mon, Dec 14, 2020, 00:25 Peter Tiner <peter.tiner@...> wrote:

If I understand you right you are about to take the lower part out. If so you need to put pressure onto the pipe and not onto the shaft. Use a thick walled pipe and a plate on top of that and then place the puller bolt onto the plate leaving the shaft untouched.
Please also see thread "Bow thruster motor switch" #54459.  There are some pics there and if you like I can send you more.
Good luck!

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