Re: Onan Generator removal

Karen Smith


Not exactly what you were asking for, but hopefully some help nonetheless.  Just a couple months ago we removed our MDKD 6.5 KVA generator from our engine room past our Volvo.

Before the lift, I stripped off all the bolted on bits I could.  Fuel filter, exhaust manifold, etc. and unbolted it from the pan so we weren’t lifting that as well.  It would have fit without all this, but is still seemed a good idea.

We tied a line from the crane hook, down into the engine room so the hook was up and out of the way. A piece of plywood leaned up against the engine served as a skid so it didn’t bounce against the Volvo. Some kind of solid guide on the port side of the cockpit opening would be a good idea to keep the lift line from abrading the engine room insulating foam.  

Thera was a LOT of extra room, not a squeak fit at all.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

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