Re: Bow Thruster Issue SM 292


Agree with Bill Kinney. The very first thing I would check is the condition and SOC of the house batteries and running the generator with a battery charger is important. At the very least the generator and battery charger will add to the available current, therefore mitigating some of the heat build-up in the bow thruster motor.

Also, I didn't receive the answers to my questions. I assume the problem is resolved.
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On Mon, Dec 14, 2020 at 9:57 PM Karen Smith via <> wrote:

If I understand your problem, when you run the bow thruster, your instruments shut down, and the bow thruster stops after a few seconds.

It sounds like the high power draw of the bow thruster (>480 Amps) is pulling down the voltage of the batteries to the point where the instruments shut down.  My first guess is that that problem is the batteries are weak.  

It will not completely fix the problem, but a help would be to run the generator with all battery chargers whenever you are running the bow thruster.

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