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michael winand

I did a pump seal rebuild. I found calcium deposited around the check valve. I couldn't get any flow beforehand. System was not used for many years by previous owners. 
Now the membranes. 
Michael  Nebo  sm251 

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I was able to source the high pressure pump seal kit, for the duo 100, which is a CAT 277 pump.  The distributor for CAT in NJ, USA is EDI distributors.  Skip is the one I worked with, he was able to give me the seal kit for 170 USD, with a new customer discount of 30%. Total cost of $119.00.  I didn’t have to ask for it, but just emailed him for a quote and he provided those prices.  Dessallator has it on their website for more than twice that amount, plus whatever it would cost to ship.

info@...  It isn’t listed on their website as a part, or in their catalogue, but when I emailed him, it was in stock. Then it was shipped the same day, shipping included, as when I communicated with him and I received it the next day.  Incredible customer service.

Regarding the DC motor, it was much easier to work on, simply by pulling the water maker assembly out of the engine room.  Removing the brushes and cleaning out the holes with a shop vac, as Bill R has recommended in his book, did the trick for mine. I put them back in and it started working again, reliable thus far.  And as Bill K indicates below, if there isn’t water flow through the HP pump, then it won’t pull water from anywhere.  It requires the water to have a head pressure on it, to make high pressure flow.


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A 24V motor suitable for the D60 watermaker is available from industrial sources in the USA for ~US$300.  Parts for the CAT high pressure pump are also available from CAT.  Dessalator's spare parts prices make Volvo's look a bargain, and that takes some doing!!!!


I assume that your D60 does not have an additional low pressure feed pump, which most of the larger later model Dessalitors do.  Be sure that the pressure valve on the watermaker control panel is fully open.  If that is closed, priming can be difficult or impossible.  I also assume that the pump was not run dry at any time except during your priming attempts.

If the pump is turning, the fault is most likely in the water feed, because it is unlikely (but possible!) that the pump could fail totally over the maintenance period.  The water feed is probably restricted.  If you haven't done so, try changing the feed water filter, see if that helps.

The pump inlet is below the waterline, so if you disconnect the inlet from the pump copious amounts of water should flow out when the seacock is open. If not, track down the debris clogging the hoses or other issue with water feed.

If the inlet water is free flowing, and the pump is running, and nothing seems to be coming out, try disconnecting the outlet hose from the pump.  If the outlet doesn't push lots of water under high pressure, it is possible the pump needs a rebuild. If the pump is not leaking water, the internal check valves could be bad, but it seems odd that all of the cylinders would go bad at once.

Bill Kinney
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