Damaged c-drive female bearing

Larry Salibra

Hello everyone! 

Long time lurker and new caretaker of 1995 Super Maramu #140 "Sula," taking over from Graham after his 15 years of excellent stewardship.

I've got Sula on the hard for anti-fouling and regular maintenance and in the process of replacing the C-drive wear bushing and seals, I had a lot of trouble removing the seals - they hadn't been changed since 2013. I tried both the screws and slide hammer method recommended by Bill Rouse and the Amel-recommended flat screw driver method without success over a period of a couple hours. A new boat owner in desperation, I hired one of the boatyard's mechanics to assist me in removing the seals and in the 90 minute process of trying to remove the seals, he scraped the inside of the in situ female bearing (the brass cavity the wear bushing fits into). I've attached a photo with the damage circled in red.

Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, how did you repair it? 


SM140 Sula
Hong Kong

Has anyone else had

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