Port side Front Navigation Light unreliable

Michael & Robyn

Our port side navigation light has been unreliable since years. We switched to LED two month ago. It worked fine while in port. It soon failed underway and after arrival in Antigua it still doesn't work.
In the port side bow locker I see two cables going in the bottom of the stanchion. Only one cable comes out to the navigation light.
Did AMEL splice the cable together in a Y shape in the stanchion such that the second cable would feed the starboard navigation light?
I assume the one cable comes in from the 24 V panel switch. One cable goes over to starboard and the splice feeds the port side light? Has anyone reworked this setup already?
I still have to climb into the starboard locker to follow the second cable.
Michael & Robyn

currently in Jolly Harbour Antigua

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