Re: Port side Front Navigation Light unreliable


This is what Ben Driver wrote when he did this job:
It is absolutely critical you attach very well a strong pull string to the old cable. It must be spliced well and no kinks. Then you go into the port locker and begin pulling. In the beginning, you will need some back and forth motion; that is, you pull a few inches into the locker and then pull back out at the starboard fixture. Once it begins to move freely you can pull all the way through. You will need to pull very hard. Hence the need for a good connection to the old cable. I made it all the way to the opening in the port locker before the wire separated from the old cable. The worse part was over. Since the old cable was now in the rail above the port locker I was able to use a coat hanger with a hook to pull it all the way through." ~ Ben Driver

This is what I recommend:
I recommend using a smaller cable than Amel originally used, especially if you are going to use LED lights. I really like Belden 8760 18 AWG 1 Twisted Pair Shielded Cable and use this for many electrical connections and all electronic connections. I would not use it for a high amperage connection.
Also, make sure the cable you pull is lubricated. Use liquid soap if you do not have Cable Pulling Lubricant. Before you start search YouTube for "Preparing to pull wire" This will give you some hints on how to secure a cable to the pull string. Here is a snippet from my book:

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On Sun, Dec 20, 2020 at 6:54 AM Gary Wells <gary@...> wrote:
I had to run a new wire through the stanchions and all the way round the pulpit to reach the StarBoard side.  
It was just a bit challenging, but slowly pulling the old wire out with a strong messenger line behind it and then feeding the new wire back through proved to solve the issue completely.
There were two wires entering the port; stanchion separate legs for each light. If you've only one wire going in then it's likely been branched in the stanchion and I can see that might be a potential problem.  Moisture does get in there. 

I did replace Adagio's nav lights with Weems and Plath LED.  It was a very some.swap and they are so much better than the old ones.

Gary W., former owner SM 209.

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