SSB Not Receiving - IC M801

Chris Likins

Hi All,


I will not pretend to be an expert on HF/SSB because I am very far from it! On my Amel 54 I have an IC-M801 SSB with SCS PTC II Pactor modem. 


I seem to be able to transmit just fine as other boats can hear me, however, I am not able to receive anything. Squelch and NB are off, the RF Gain is turned all the way up to 9 and AGC is ON. Nothing but static. I'll also note that the antenna current indicator (little black bars) do not appear at all, even when transmitting. I have checked all the connections and wiring at the tuner and transceiver and I cant see anything thats loose or corroded. 


I really feel like this is almost certainly user error on my part and likely something simple like a setting in the unit itself. Can anyone point me in the right direction for receiving trouble? 


Thank you!

A54 #133

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