Re: Port side Front Navigation Light unreliable

Dan Carlson

Hello a few more tips,

I did this job last year.

The backing plate on SM#387 was iron and very corroded from moisture that had run down inside the stanchion.  I had to break and grind enough of the corroded iron first. I still couldn't budge the wire. Went home for Christmas, came back a couple of weeks later and I was able too work the wires out. I took the port side wire out first and then tackled the longer starboard side wire.

Second tip: if you have not replaced your bow locker floors yet, then put a supportive board in there to hold your weight. Or you might be adding that to your list of improvements (I picked up that tip from another SM owner who replaced their wires).

Third tip: if you do run into a frustrating situation then I suggest you to a search in this Amel forum and you will find lots of supportive posts on the project.

Good luck, Daniel Carlson on sv BeBe, SN#387, currently near Great Bird Island, Antigua

On Sun, Dec 20, 2020, 6:47 PM Michael & Robyn <SY_RIPPLE@...> wrote:
On Sun, Dec 20, 2020 at 09:36 AM, CW Bill Rouse wrote:
Preparing to pull wire
Thank y'all for the explanation and the tricks of the trade. I will see whether I can source the Belden cable here in Antigua. Ill report back how it went once I get to the project.
Michael & Robyn


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