Re: Genua Furler on Santorin...stay electrical or go mechanical

Ian Park

Does the electric curled work at the moment. 
If 'Yes', then do not change it. Use it for a while before deciding.
The original Genoa is pretty big - 150% and weighs a fair bit. It can be hauled in by manual curling and you can experience this by using the built in manual furler.
The Bosch motor is no longer made, but replacing brushes and springs is still possible.  the gearbox is very well engineered and should last a lifetime if it has been kept properly lubricated.
A final question is - how long will you keep your Santorin? I don't think you would sell it again if you remove all the electric curling systems!
I also think it will cost you more to change the systems than to service them.
Leave well alone until you've sailed it for at least one season. I'll get anything you will decide that the design is excellent!

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