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Hi Ian,

thanks for your thoughts!

So far all works....I am only concerned about the age of the gearbox/motor. I already changed the main furler motors & gearboxes as they were non function...

Forced by Covid not to do much I just sit and dream about what needs to be done once she is in my reach and under my daily care. Being in Malaysia means under the "new normal" that shipping gets crazy expensive and takes ages to reach us - that's why I try to evaluate what I could order now and have it available when the boat is around the corner.

Answering your question on how long I will keep her, well I just bought a year ago and if I could really get hold of her - she is within Malaysia but due to travel restriction I am not able to pick her up - I have no serious plans of selling her. I like the layout, I like the little details of that boat. She is ideal for me and my wife and we wish to take her long term cruising. 

Thanks again and wishing you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

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Does the electric curled work at the moment. 
If 'Yes', then do not change it. Use it for a while before deciding.
The original Genoa is pretty big - 150% and weighs a fair bit. It can be hauled in by manual curling and you can experience this by using the built in manual furler.
The Bosch motor is no longer made, but replacing brushes and springs is still possible.  the gearbox is very well engineered and should last a lifetime if it has been kept properly lubricated.
A final question is - how long will you keep your Santorin? I don't think you would sell it again if you remove all the electric curling systems!
I also think it will cost you more to change the systems than to service them.
Leave well alone until you've sailed it for at least one season. I'll get anything you will decide that the design is excellent!

Ian 'Ocean Hobo' Santorin no.96

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