Re: Port side Front Navigation Light unreliable

david bruce

Hi all, 

Regarding running lights, our early SN actually has no deck level running lights, mast tricolor only.  I have ordered the lights recommended by Ken, the 3nm LED, and I appreciate the recommendation,( but to anyone interested I would look at Apex Lighting, substantially less $$ that the link Ken provided.) 

My question is if one were doing this job de novo, i.e. no prior lights or wiring, are there any recommendations regarding routing/install, given the problems that it seems many have had with moisture.  I would like the wire in the stanchion and am inclined to simply run two separate leads to the lights, pig tailing somewhere well inside the boat.  I will install the breaker over the door to the forward compartment. 

Are there any other considerations? 

Thank you and happy holidays to all. 


On Dec 24, 2020, at 7:44 AM, Craig Briggs via <sangaris@...> wrote:

Hi Dan,
Just a word of caution about the iron backing plate. If you can't remove it completely, you may want to passivate what's left with phosphoric acid to prevent it from swelling up and distorting or even cracking the surrounding fiberglass structure.  I recall that when Bill Rouse owned Bebe he had the backing plates on the engine room supports swell up and damage the grp there. I've had the same issue at one of my aft stanchions where the original GPS antenna cable went through allowing water ingress.  The embedded and rusting backing plate actually cracked the grp gunnel open. At the time, Joel though I must have hit a dock, but, no, it was the backing plate swelling up. Huge force! I also had the same bow light issue as you describe and got just a minor bit of gunnel swelling before I dug it out and passivated what was left. Fingers crossed it doesn't progress, although the grp repair is pretty straightforward.

Best regards, Craig - SN68 Sangaris, Tropic Isle Harbor, FL

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