Re: Port side Front Navigation Light unreliable

Craig Briggs

Hi Dave on Liesse,
Frankly, your mast head lights seem an excellent (original AMEL) choice all by themselves, but if you want deck level lights too the wires of our AMEL installed lights (SN68) were run up inside each side's bow pulpit tubes (not around the bow, as on the SM's) with a branch wire from the port side over to the starboard side on the underside of the deck lockers.

There is a hole in the gunnel under the aft-most bow pulpit stanchion on each side that goes through the carbon steel backing plate that is embedded in the grp gunnel.  That's the plate that can corrode, expand and distort/crack the grp if any moisture gets in down the wire.

The wire then exits through a hole in the bow pulpit tube just below the lower cross member and goes to the bow light fixture that is mounted on a thin stainless steel plate welded to the pulpit tubes (port and starboard, of course). Slather the holes with silicone to keep any water from running down the wire. I can send a picture if you wish - just ask.

Perhaps the advantage of the SM version discussed in this thread is there is only one hole through the port side bow pulpit base, with the crossover wire to the port side being fished through the tubing (with some difficulty). The SN installation with the wires crossing over inside the bow lockers is easier but does have two holes in the (port and starboard) stanchion bases.

Merry Christmas, Craig - SN68 Sangaris, Tropic Isle Harbor, FL

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