Re: Foredeck dinghy cradle

Davi Rozgonyi

We run the same dink as delos on Wake. I too can't understand the physics of that setup... Though they are clearly far more experienced than us, it seems a disaster waiting to happen. We keep our 3.3m solid alu dink in the same spot, but lashed down tight upside down on its own foam side covers (flipped up). Much better viz, low profile and rock solid. I have a permanent lift rope tied between the bow and stern on the starboard side, with an alpine butterfly loop at the exact balance point to lift her side-first over the rail, up and lowered, tipped gently down and lashed. Between us, we can hoist the 20hp motor on the back rail and lift or lower the dink in 7 minutes flat. It's big but otherwise no sweat, light for such bulk, and such an amazing dinghy that we wouldn't trade it for anything. I highly recommend oceancraft if you do any diving or frequent long rides from anchorages, etc. You'll be driving around happily on those days when while everyone else is hunkered down terrified... 

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