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Randall Walker

Hello Ian,

As you know all Amels seem to be loaded heavily in the stern, so anything you can find a place for toward the bow is a benefit, and when on a long passage it is nicer to have the sugar scoop free for fun during those moments in the doldrums. As for blocking your forward sight, I spend most of my sailing looking up, out, or down to the electronics or a good book. So I don't see the blocked forward view being an issue.
I have a 54 and just wish I had the ability to put the tender on the foredeck. The rigging on the 54 with the 3 forestays and takes away from the benefit you enjoy with space. You reference the Delos videos, I like the upright positioning for hoisting on and off, I would leave the motor on. Just be sure to pull the drain plug while on deck. My tender has a joker valve as part of the drain plug very convenient.

Enjoy the day and stay safe.



On Sat, Dec 26, 2020 at 6:02 PM Ian Townsend <smlocalola@...> wrote:

Merry Christmas/Joyeaux Noel/Buon Natale to all AMEL Owners. We are considering a new strategy for our dinghy and have a few questions for anyone that might be able to help.

1. Foredeck storage cradle. Who has done this? Do you have pictures? How does it fasten to the deck? Is it foldable/removable? Do you store it upside down? If not, do you keep the outboard on or off?
2. Maximum length and beam. I note that SV Delos has an 11 ft. Oceancraft on a cradle. Anyone with different experience?
3. Balance. How is boat balance affected with foredeck storage and the motor still on the dinghy?
4. Any other things I should consider?

Thanks and to everyone, please stay safe, healthy and happy. 

ian Townsend
Loca Lola II

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