battery balancers /A54/ Victron AGM

Ulrich Michael Dangelmeyer

Hello Ameliens,
I hope you are all healthy and in good spirits, wherever you are. Inspired by some comments here about better battery condition and performance, I decided to install Victron battery balancers. We have a 54 #088, and replaced all 12 service batteries in Victron AGM 110Ah deep cycle this summer. Here I have the following questions specifically to other 54 friends who have done this optimization themselves:
- where did you install these blue boxes? Directly in the battery compartment or next to the bulkhead where all the cables and the main switches are mounted?Victron recommends mounting vertically, out of the battery vapor. since I can't get directly into the boat at the moment, I have no idea where and how to mount.
- 2nd question: what is the best way to wire? Victron recommends for 12 batteries 2 balancers connected in parallel. so 1 balancer between 6 batteries. If you have better pragmatic experience, I am very grateful. Since we do not know when we come back to Greece, I would with your recommendation then provide the electrician of the marina with the parts and installation instructions, so that he can install the balancers in the meantime optimally.
I have already asked twice at Pochon, Mr. Geniteau, who make the electrical installations at all Amel. But until today unfortunately no answer or feedback get. pity.
Therefore, I hope for your tremendous practical experience and exchange in this great forum and thank you very much in advance.
For 2021, wherever you are, I wish you only the best: health, happiness and fair winds.
Stay healthy!
Best regards
"Soleil Bleu" / A54#088

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