Placement of Beta 60 in an Amel Maramu #replacement

Dirk Hazenoot Maramu Huli 171

Good day Amel friends,
Does anyone have pictures of a Beta 60 placed in an Amel Maramu? I followed the story of Mark & Nicky Barter regarding their placement of a Beta 85 in a super Maramu. It hurts me to read what went wrong with their placement. I admire their perseverance. As far as I can, I want to rule out anything that could go wrong with the placement of our Beta 60. We intend to order the engine directly from Beta UK and have it configured there. On the advice of Bill Kinney, we intend to install a 175 Amp alternator at the factory. Can this be placed in the standard position or should it be placed on the other side as with Mark & Nicky? We plan to install 2 fuel filters so that we can switch easily in case of calamities if one filter is dirty. Does anyone have experience with this? I would also like to know what you think is the best configuration with regard to oil filter and water pump. In short, who owns an Amel Maramu containing a Beta 60 and would like to share his knowledge with me? I look forward to your response.
Kind regards and a happy new year,
Dirk Hazenoot,

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