Re: Any SM owners use a Beta engine??

Mark Barter

Thanks Craig and Matt for your input. 

With regard to my comment about the engine being based on a tractor engine, the point I was trying to make was that It isn't, for example, a super smooth BMW engine. It is very basic so it won't be super quiet. The upside is that you have an engine that a skilled amateur could fix. The electrical connections are very easy to understand and troubleshooting is a breeze. I know because the electrical fitter had to do just that. It turns out that a piece of heatshrink had been badly fitted and a 10 and 40 amp fuse had been put in the wrong places.

I think my troubles will be solved by correct alignment and new, correctly rated engine feet.

I note that that Perkins which weighs 225kg plus gearbox was on 4 Vetus Mitsteun feet. They are rated at 67kg each which is a total of 268kg. That would seem a little light for the Perkins because there were 3 alternators fitted plus the weight of the frame. Clearly Amel would have known this so is it the case that, due to the fact that engine isn't bolted directly to the hull, the engine feet don't need to be as highly rated?

I note another member with a 54 fitted 4 Vetus K50 feet to the engine frame and 2 to the C-drive. These are rated at 50kg each but the Beta 85T engine alone weighs 359kg. Then there is the bigger gearbox, the frame and the alternators.  

What I am asking in a long winded way is for some advice as to which engine feet I should fit to help with the vibration issues.

Many thanks 
Mark & Nicky Barter
S/V Nunky
SM 110

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