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James Alton


   According to the measurements I took of my seeping fuel tank and from the posts of others that have removed the Maramu fuel tank it is apparently possible to remove the fuel tank with minimal interior removal.  In my case, I found some cracks in the metal/welds on the forward end of the tank,  one of which was seeping.  The only areas where I had cracks were at or close to the welds, the rest of the tank looked excellent.   I drained, flushed and cleaned the tank with solvents.  Vented to remove the solvent fumes.  Then detached the tank and moved it into the center of the pass thru to the aft cabin, letting it sit on a couple wooden blocks an added some lines to keep the tank upright.  The tank is awkward but really not that heavy, maybe 150 pounds?  I was able to move it around in the area of the pass thru by myself with a little ingenuity.  In my case,  moving the tank to the middle of the pass thru  fully exposed the cracks in my tank and they were welded which has so far cured the seeping that I had.  Before reinstalling the tank,  I replaced all of the carpet that the tank was resting on and removed the foam that had absorbed fuel.  I inspected the interior of the tank where possible by the way and found no corrosion inside at all.

Best of luck,

SV Sueno
Maramu #220


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Hello Amelians,

My 1982/3 Maramu appears to have sprung a leak in the fuel tank.  This happened once before but it was just the inspection port plate that needed tightening. 

The Maramu appears to have had the deck applied after the tank was installed.  Has anyone had their fuel tank removed for repair?

What are my options?

Thanks in advance.

Dennis Johns
Maramu #121 

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