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Nice solution.

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On Tue, Dec 29, 2020 at 1:48 PM Don Malin <don@...> wrote:
When sailing upwind I generally try to center the boom for best performance which means I have to pull the traveler most of the way to windward after each tack. With the 4:1 tackle supplied as standard with the boat this can require a fair amount of effort. I see that some owners have added another set of blocks to increase the purchase and apparently Amel has even equipped their new 60 model with an electric winch for this purpose. What I did instead was rig up a simple bridle system. See the attached photos below. The two bridle lines are still attached to the traveler car so adjustments can still be made but tacking the main is now entirely hands free and the boom stays nicely centered.

All that was required were two dyneema dog bones and a pair of free standing blocks at the traveler ends. The deck area around the traveler ends has a solid wood core so it's plenty strong. The system has even survived an accidental flying jibe 8-O.

Don Malin
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