Re: Amel Maramu Jib sail halyard snapped

Kevin Schmit

How about dropping the mainsail and using that halyard?

On Jan 4, 2021, at 3:25 PM, Benjamin Thibault <benjaminfthibault@...> wrote:

Good afternoon Amel community. I’ve purchased an amel Maramu 46 and slowly learning the basics of it. While sailing yesterday the jib sail halyard snapped and I need to replace it. 

My problem is this. I just realized they are no spare halyard to pull someone on top of the mast to do the necessary fix. The only solution I see for now is attaching another temporary rope to the mainsail halyard and try to use it to create a temporary halyard to bring someone up the main mast to make the necessary repair to add a new halyard to the jib sail. 

Before getting into this endevour, I wanted to ask the community if they have any other idea??? Cause I’m lost for word that they are no spare halyard on the mast. 

Bon Edda 
Amel Maramu 202

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