Re: Prop is spinning freely

Mark & Debbie Mueller

We have a ZF-25 2.0 transmission, the service manual states:

Sailing or moving in tow
Rotation of the propeller while the boat
is sailing, being towed, or anchored in a
river, as well as operation of the engine
with the propeller stopped (for charging
the battery), will have no detrimental effects
on the gearbox.
When the boat is sailing (engine
stopped), the gear lever must be in zero
pos-ition. Never put the gear lever in the
pos-ition corresponding to the direction
of travel of the boat.
Locking the propeller shaft by an additional
brake is not required: use the gear
lever position opposite your direction of
travel for this purpose.

Hope this helps until you can get the break repaired.  Reference page 33 of the attached manual.
Mark Mueller
Brass Ring  A54

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