Re: Amel Maramu Jib sail halyard snapped

Dennis Johns

Hi Ben,

I think the main halyard idea is your best solution at this time.  What you are missing is two spinnaker halyards that should be running to the top of the mast.  While you are up repairing the jib halyard, take a couple of suitable blocks and attach them onto the loop at the top front of the masthead.  Run suitable lines for spinnaker halyards through them.  Now you not only have a spare halyard to go to the top of the mast (spinnaker halyard #1), but you will also have a safety line (spinnaker halyard #2).

Dennis Johns
Maramu #121

On Mon, Jan 4, 2021 at 12:43 PM Benjamin Thibault <benjaminfthibault@...> wrote:
The main mast halyard passes through the mast and is attach to a metal railing around 5 feet from the bottom of the mast where the rope ends with no spare to give.

So to us that solution, i need to attach another rope to it and pull it up around the top of the mast and use that solution. 

So we come to the same conclusion. 

I just wanted to ask around to know if I was missing something before getting into this job. 



On Mon, Jan 4, 2021 at 3:38 PM Kevin Schmit <kevschmit64@...> wrote:
How about dropping the mainsail and using that halyard?

On Jan 4, 2021, at 3:25 PM, Benjamin Thibault <benjaminfthibault@...> wrote:

Good afternoon Amel community. I’ve purchased an amel Maramu 46 and slowly learning the basics of it. While sailing yesterday the jib sail halyard snapped and I need to replace it. 

My problem is this. I just realized they are no spare halyard to pull someone on top of the mast to do the necessary fix. The only solution I see for now is attaching another temporary rope to the mainsail halyard and try to use it to create a temporary halyard to bring someone up the main mast to make the necessary repair to add a new halyard to the jib sail. 

Before getting into this endevour, I wanted to ask the community if they have any other idea??? Cause I’m lost for word that they are no spare halyard on the mast. 

Bon Edda 
Amel Maramu 202

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