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Peter Forbes


I would very much like to hear what you do in the end as I want to install heating in my 54.

I asked Amel and the answer was not satisfactory.

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On 7 Jan 2021, at 12:56, JEFFREY KRAUS <jmkraus@...> wrote:

Dear Amelians,
I'm gathering information before installing a hyronic diesel heating system aboard my 54. 
There are a couple questions regarding the installation on the 54s
If the install was a FACTORY (Amel) install:
1. Where did they vent the exhaust?
2. Was it an Espar heater?
3. Is it an air unit? 
4. Did they mount the heater in the port locker or the ER?

If it was an installation that was done aboard but after purchase, and not by Amel:
1. Where did they vent the exhaust?
2. Espar or Webasto unit?
3. Air or Hydronic?
4. Heater mounted in Port Locker or ER?
5. If it's an Espar, and it's a hydronic, are your heating elements fan units, or straight radiator elements inside the boat?

Any feedback is appreciated.
Courtney (s/v Trippen): I'll get the fuel bladder pictures up soon. Sorry for the delay.

Best Regards to All,
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