Re: Heater installed by factory Amel 54

Wolfgang Weber <webercardio@...>

Hello and all the best for 2021,
Our Amel 54 #162 was the showboat on the Paris 2010 and Düsseldorf boat show in 2011, so already with lot of extra things  - but no diesel heating -when we made the contract on the Boatshow in Paris.
So thanks to my wife it was fixed in the contract, that Amel will do the installation of the Webasto airheating system. They did it in perfect way and told us, that it is the extra with bigges work to add after the boat is already built.That time pricelist showed for Dieselheating 11.000 €+Vat when order comes with the boat.
We are very happy with the heating. Essential also in the Med-sea. We never used the AC for heating.
The only way for heating while sailing is a dieselheating.
My recommendation: If you are in La Rochelle and Amel could make the installation a Webasto air dieselheating would be my first choice. Modification with one extraoutlet near the helmstation with possibility to shut down.
If elsewhere I would install a hydronic dieselheater the way SV Delos did.Perhaps you can get some more informations. 
Wolfgang Weber SY Elise Amel 54#162

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