Re: Foredeck dinghy cradle

Karen Smith

Dinghies are such personal choices.  And storage of rib’s can be a real pain. Obviously from the comments so far.

We have kept our AB 9.5 foot aluminum hull rib athwartships on the aft deck.  It fits, allows us access around it on both sides, and the hand rails supply convenient tie down points. There is, however, a significant safety issue with that: It renders the emergency tiller unusable. That bothers me. I wouldn’t go to sea without an emergency tiller, so how can I justify go to sea without on I can use???  It really rough conditions, I also worry about putting more load on the handrails then they were designed for.

We have worked out a tie down method for the forward deck that keeps the deck clear, and doesn’t require any additional deck penetrations.  When we get back to Harmonie I’ll get some photos.

I have been in deck sweeping seas with a dinghy on the foredeck in my pre-Amel days.  Waves serious enough they left knee deep water in a center cockpit, and broke stanchions when they hit folded down solar panels. The dinghy did fine. That experience has forever made me leery of storing things tied to stanchions.  On the other hand, I have a friend who had a foredeck secured hard-hull fiberglass dinghy stove in by a boarding wave. But it didn’t go anywhere.

Personally, I would never go to sea with a dinghy “right side up” on the foredeck, or anywhere else for that matter.  A large wave could fill it, and the resulting weight would be a real disaster in the making in weather that rough.  But that’s just me...

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Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
The boat’s in Charleston, we are in Antigua wrapping up a delivery.

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