New battery bank / one battery smoking and leaking

Benjamin Thibault

Good afternoon again Amel fellow group. 


I seem to have another problem on my Amel. I realized this week that my batteries were all dead after a year due to Covid of not being able to maintain the boat properly. (Couldn’t reach the boat in another country.) 


I changed all my batteries yesterday for 6 new ones. 5 are a bank and one is for the starter. 

I had the battery’s charging all night on shore power with no problem. But today while crossing from Freeport to Berri Islands, I’ve realized too late that the first one of the batteries from the bank side was smoking and and overheating. And is now basically dead form what I see. 


I am trying to figure out if the problem could be only that exact battery, from the fact that all others seemed ok or do I have a problem somewhere else in my set up? 

Again like my last post.... I’m trying to figure out everything with basic knowledge. 

My inverter is Victron Multi plus compact 12V 2000 VA 80 amp. Which is basically new also. 

Thx again for all the help.

Stuck basically nowhere, 
Bon Edda
Maramu 202

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