Re: New battery bank / one battery smoking and leaking

Benjamin Thibault

Ahah, I’m learning the hard way the fun part of owning a boat. I heard a long time ago.... be the friend of someone who owns a boat. All it will cost you is a case of beer. Lol

Yesterday I was on shore power and all seem well. Yes I was motoring for about 50 nm and realized the problem almost at destination. But it was going on for a while. Just don’t realize cause of lack of knowledge. 

Today was very cloudy so almost no solar power coming in. Basically only the alternators. So I will change the battery and regulate the charge in the coming hours. 

Thx for the help


On Sat, Jan 9, 2021 at 3:57 PM JB Duler <jbduler@...> wrote:
I am sorry to hear that. Were you motoring or sailing? If you were motoring, have you checked your regulator on the alternator? Maybe you were overcharging?
When you charge batteries you have to go through several phases (1, charge max, 2. lower amount, 3 trickle charge). If your charger/your alternator, windvane or sun panels faile to lower the charge, then you fry the batteries.
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