Re: New battery bank / one battery smoking and leaking

Craig Briggs

Some more info would help. When you say, "Basically only the alternators." -  does that mean you have more than one engine alternator?  When you say "I will change the battery ..." does that mean you will just take the overheating battery out of the house bank of 5, and not that you are actually "changing" it? Or are you ex-"changing" it with the starter battery? What does "regulate the charge in the coming hours" mean? Are you back to shore power and running your Victron? Does that not regulate the charge automatically (through it's 3-stage program)?
Would love to help you sort this out, but your post is a little hard to respond to with the paucity of information you've given.
Best, Craig - SN68 Sangaris, Tropic Isle Harbor, FL

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