Re: Standing rigging

Craig Briggs

Hi Bernd,
This is one of those questions that sits on the border of engineering and philosophy, with no clear winner. Much like "What is the "best" anchor". I'd encourage you to read the many past posts on this discussion board and make up your own mind. There are too many variables for anyone to give you a definitive answer and those who do are often not unbiased, like the insurance company who wants 7 years so they reduce their risk of a claim - or a rigger who will profit from you replacing now.
Your SN #119 is maybe a year or two younger than my 1992 SN #68. I had a mizzen aft lower break in 2010 on a power reach flying the foc d'artimon. That was at 18 years old and after about 25,000 miles of passage-making.  I repaired it but then replaced all the next year - an easy do-it-yourself-in-the-water job for about $5000 from ACMO, duplicating the original (except for right-hand, not left-hand turn-buckles (bottle-screws)). So my "new" rig is now 10 years old, but my sailing is now pretty much just a couple of thousand miles of coastal/near-offshore cruising a year, my insurer doesn't have any requirements and I certainly won't be getting new any time soon.
So, how old is your rig; where has the boat been sailed (tropics vs. cooler climes); how hard has she been sailed; what is your personal risk tolerance; are you comfortable and capable sailing with a spare shroud should one fail; are you doing weekend sailing from a marina, or seasonal coastal cruising; perhaps a slow circumnavigation; or maybe the Vendee Globe? 
Hope this helps your decision process.
-- Cheers, Craig, SN68 Sangaris, Tropic Isle Harbor, FL

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