Replacing C Drive mounts while boat is in the water.

Paul Guenette

We are about to replace the engine mounts, change the rubber bushings on the Vetus Coupling  and hopefully change the C-Drive mounts on our Super Maramu.

I have searched thIs amazing forum and I have read Bill's book. I have found a lot of really good helpful information on replacing the engine mounts on our Yanmar 4JH3-HTE and how to approach servicing the Vetus Coupling. 

Here is the only information regarding the C-Drive that I have been able to find up till now. 

"It is possible that the new position will put in tension the C-Drive Rubber Hose which seals the opening between the C-Drive and the hull (see above photo).    
 (I have not include the photo in this post) 
Loosen the top two large hose clamps to place the hose clamps to place the hose in a neutral stress-free position.
During this operation, the sea water will enter the boat but the gray water sump is nearby. Tighten the two clamps when complete."

What I am looking for is information on and the steps involved in replacing the two C-Drive mounts. I have on hand two new mounts which are the same as the current ones installed on my C Drive.

Our boat is in the water.  Is it okay to replace the C Drive mounts while in the water ?  

What are the steps involved in replacing the two C-Drive mounts and any helpful tips from those who have done this procedure ?

The information and knowledge base in this forum has been extremely helpful. 

Thank you for your help. 

Aramis  SM 2K - 444
Comox, BC Canada

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