Re: Replacing C Drive mounts while boat is in the water.

Mark McGovern


Changing the C-Drive mounts is quite straightforward and pretty much exactly as Craig describes.  See the picture below:

Remove the nuts circled in Red above from the mounting studs. Then remove the mounting stud from each C-Drive mount.  Then remove the bolts circled in Yellow that bolt the C-drive mount to the engine mounting frame.  Once you do that you can slide the old C-Drive mounts out from under the mounting frame and slide the new ones in.  As I understand it, the mounts should be adjusted so they are just barely starting to support the weight of C-Drive.  If you crank them up too much you will put strain on the rubber hose that is keeping the water out of the boat.  To relieve any strain, you can loosen the top two hose clamps on the large rubber hose (water will come in) and then tighten them back up.  

All of the documents that I uploaded to the old Yahoo forums were transferred here when we moved off Yahoo so they are here somewhere.  In order to make it easier to find, I just created a new Photo Album called Engine to C-Drive Alignment here: 

Mark McGovern
SM #440 Cara
Deale, MD USA

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