Re: Replacing C Drive mounts while boat is in the water.

Ian Park

Craig forgot to mention that there is a ring fixed directly above the C Drive (he told me that) which is there to lift the C Drive or take its weight should you need to do so. You may have to dig around in the soundproofing to find it. I have just finished checking my mountings and realigning everything. I found a few photos of Craig removing the C Drive from the boat and one showed how he put a rope round the C Drive cross beam to hoist it.  you may feel more comfortable taking the weight off the C Drive mounting using this system.
Ocean Hobo SN 96

PS. To Craig. Thanks for all your help this summer about realignment.. I got home and bought a chain lift to have a proper go at the job. I had the Amel tool made, but on my Santorin the shaft coupling worked equally well. The coupling systems seem to be different on some of the SMs, especially with the shaft brake. One thing I found when double checking the alignment, was to reassemble the shaft coupling and Vetus coupling  with shorter (4" ) bolts. I could then slide the whole assembly on the drive shaft, across the empty space where the alternator pulley would normally be and found the ends of the Vetus  bolts slide neatly into the gearbox holes.

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