Re: ULTRA anchor 45KG or 35KG

Martin Birkhoff

Hallo Jarek,
we have the 45 kg Ultra connected to a chain 13 mm, steel material code 1.4462 (Duplex or Cromox), working load 88.5 kN, breaking load 177 kN made by Ketten-Wälder, Germany. Connector is the original Ultra Flip Swivel by Ultra Marine.
The original chain 10 mm , same material, is fixed to an 30 kg Bügel anchor both made by WASI, connector is an WASI powerball.

We made best experiences with the latter system on our circumnavigation done with a 12 m aluminum sloop. Except one little aspect: the tiny little grub screws of these power-balls are made of stainless steel 1.4401 (316) meaning the threads of these screws corrode in warm water. You have to have a look on them and change them from time to time.  

SV Mago del Sur
54 # 40 

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