FEIT Freshwater Pump Troubleshooting

Ian Townsend

Our FEIT freshwater pump won’t stop cycling. I have tried:

- adjusting cutin bolt spring
- cleaning the diaphragm
- changing out the D Squared switch
- playing with contacts
- sanding the brushes 
- spraying with Corrosion X and WD40

When I tap it with a rubber hammer it stops. But then starts again when a tap is opened and won’t stop until another tap of the breaker is switched off.

The only thing left to try is the Accumulator tank pressure. Tomorrow I will pump it to about 12 PSI.

Two questions:

1. Last time I serviced the unit, it did not need priming. But if it does, what is the best way? 
2. Is there anything else I might try?

Many thanks.

Loca Lola II

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