Engine Battery Drain - Is it the Prop Shaft Alternator?

Alan "Woody" Wood

We're currently in a marina, on shore power with the battery charger on.. and the starter battery (2 year old Victron 110ah) has suddenly died - showing less than 2v! and reducing 0.01v every 5 minutes).

We had our Valeo prop shaft alternator bench tested recently by a local electrician and put back.  When he replaced it, the switch for the generator had been reversed.. ie 'on' was now 'off' and vice versa.  I suspected the diode had been reversed or damaged in the re-istallation so disconnected the prop alternator hoping this would stop the drain - it didn't - so maybe it wasn't the problem.

The Mastervolt Chargemaster 24/100 has had intermittent display problems lately although still keeping the house batteries at 100% throughout.. could that be related?

I am at a loss at what investigate next - any suggestions? 


SM 1997

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