B&G autopilot installation


Hello all. I have a 1985 Amel Mango hull # 46. I am installing a new B&G autopilot using the B&G T2 marine linear actuator. The space is tight but It will fit fine. I unfortunately need to cut some of the original plywood top where the starboard mattress rest on for access to the compartment where I plan to have a stainless steel support bracket made to support the torque generated forward and aft and side to side when actuated. Also the Ram will not fit down in the space unless I remove some of the mattress support temporarily. I made sure I have clearance for all hard over rudder angles. I also verified my rudder feedback mechanism will fit. 

So having said all of that before I start cutting (which I hate doing) has anyone else installed a similiar or same setup in your Amel? Any challenges or issues I need to be aware of? I attached a few pictures as well and will follow up with more pics once the project is completed. The ram is sitting on top of the mattress support but will be under it once installation is completed.


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