Main outhaul travller

Nick Fowle SM 404 Rascal <svrascal@...>

Hi, I have a broken shackle on the main outhaul car . The bar across the middle of the shackle is broken. When taking it apart today I noticed that there was a crack on one of the end pieces, close to the philips screw, which seems to be more than just cosmetic.

Anyone know whether its possible to replace a) the shackle and b) this small grey "end piece"

I have had a look on the Antel website to see if I could find a part numbers but looking at ANTAL's website , using the correct part number, which  I believe to be Model #4110/SH, the car looks very different from the one on my boom, so I guess it has been updated. If this is the case, any ideas where I can try and source these small parts, I have tried Defender, ebay and a few other searches but to no avail. 


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