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I think that Olivier's reply is much like a reply from other highly experienced people. Most people with many years of  experience have a small percentage of experience with Lithium and will offer advice based on their vast experience, which is what we should want from a highly experienced person. Additionally, almost all of us group all lithium solutions into one category. When the question was posed to Olivier, it was a "lithium" question, rather than a specific lithium battery type or chemistry. I really appreciate a highly experienced reply to a question. 

Regarding the weight discussion, I will add that I believe as you add and use freshwater on your 55, you may redistribute weight more than changing your batteries from AGM to lithium. It could possibly be significant if you plan to compete in a race.

I also believe that the choice of changing to lithium is a choice that is made more on assuming certain risks than based on tried and true experience. History has many examples of risk-takers proving new technology, as well as risk-takers making fatal mistakes. 

I will also add that I believe statically there is not enough data and experience to predict the safety and effectiveness of any lithium solution, therefore a lithium solution requires assuming certain risks.

I hope my non-answer makes some sense. I also hope that this does not turn into another 80 post debate as we have seen before on this subject. 


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On Sun, Jan 17, 2021, 7:33 AM Billy Newport <billy@...> wrote:
Do you think using lithiums and lowering the weight down there from the factory agms to half impacts the boat stability? It seems like it would reduce ballast, no? When he mentioned using fewer than 12 batteries, I thought that's where he would go.

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