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Mike Ondra

With the frustration of not finding a urethane foam backed broadloom carpet (apparently available in Canada, but not the US) I am considering a thick carpet without backing. My concern was about traction on the sole but if the carpet is heavy and penned in around the perimeter, slippage may not be an issue. And removing the attached pad constraint opens a world of options. Did you consider not binding the perimeter?

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Mike, Diane and I replaced our carpet about ten years ago,we went up the Airbase carpet mart in New Castle ,bought a short nap berber in beige ,used the old carpets as templates ,cut the new carpet maybe a 1/4" shorter all around ,allowing room for the binding of the edges. After cutting the pieces out we took them back and had them bind the edges. The new carpets fit as tight and as exacting as the original. We do not have foam backing ,I like the firm footing while underway ,if I had foam ,I would not want it very thick ,as it would not aid my balance on a rolling floor. The carpet still looks like new ,berber wears very well.

Our boat is in Haven Harbor north ,stopped by Haven Harbor south a few weeks ago ,but did not see your boat.

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We are looking to replace our carpet and prefer to have a foam back both for comfort and non-slip. Saw Mark’s post on Shaw Nuwave backed carpet but it appears that is no longer in production. Received samples from and even their “Premium Textured 22 oz.” carpet which are not foam backed and seems of low quality. Kanga, in Georgia (USA), makes a polyurethane foam rubber backing which they say they attach to carpet by Shaw, Marquis, Mohawk, and Engineered Floors. So far I have not found any vendor in the US that has such a product. Will continue search, but has anyone recently found a replacement carpet recently that they like?

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