Re: Compass Replacement

Matt Salatino

We were able to service ours. (A YouTube exists for this)
Remove the top cover. (The plastic buttons on the side act as the hinge for the cover and carefully snap out. If you lose one, Plastimo supplies these as spares, sometimes for free.)
Remove the compass from its mount. You don’t have to remove completely, just to tilt it forward a bit. Prop it so it stays upright. Light wiring didn’t need disconnecting.
The dome is plastic.
Drill a small hole at the top, still under where the cover is located. Make sure the hole is at the top center of the bubble (the reason for tilting the compass forward, to position the top of the bubble under the cover location). We carefully used a home made funnel to fill the air bubble with mineral oil. When full, clean the outside of the sphere very well.
We used clear  5 minute epoxy, a small dab, to cover the hole. Let it set up a bit, so it’s quite thick (so it doesn’t run into the hole). Let dry and reassemble. Bubble gone!
We sold the boat two years later. We keep up with the new owner and the bubble has not reappeared, another two years later.


On Jan 18, 2021, at 12:56 PM, Matt & Michelle Day <charlesmatthewday@...> wrote:

After 20+ years of service, the compass on Talia (SM#209) has developed an air bubble (astonishing service life by today's standards).  The compass is a Plastimo Olympic 135. 

My intention was to remove the compass, replace the oil, and/or diaphragm.  However, after disassembly followed by a little web research it appears this model compass is not serviceable.

Anyone on the forum serviced or replaced this compass?  Replaced with the same Olympic 135, or other make/model?

Many thanks for your input.

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