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Mark Erdos

Hi Matt & Michelle,


I replaced ours  four years ago in Martinique because of a large bubble. I wrote to Plastimo and asked them if more compass oil could be added. They responded by saying this model is a sealed design and if I have air, it is because there is a small leak somewhere. It turned out to be a good idea to replace it since the housing had become very brittle and easily cracked when removing it as you can see in the picture. I purchase the replacement at one of the local ship stores in La Marin.


The exact replacement is Plastimo Olympic 135 and is available worldwide.


It is worth noting there are screws securing the compass under the plastic plates on the compass. Four screws. Also, the new compass is LED and you cannot dim it. It is on or off. The LED is 12/24v. I had spare incandescent bulbs for the compass and I could have used these to keep the dimming function however, I opted to stick with the LED. Use silicone to waterproof the assembly.


The compass comes with calibration instructions. Ours was only off by 1° out of the box.




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After 20+ years of service, the compass on Talia (SM#209) has developed an air bubble (astonishing service life by today's standards).  The compass is a Plastimo Olympic 135. 

My intention was to remove the compass, replace the oil, and/or diaphragm.  However, after disassembly followed by a little web research it appears this model compass is not serviceable.

Anyone on the forum serviced or replaced this compass?  Replaced with the same Olympic 135, or other make/model?

Many thanks for your input.

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