Re: Main outhaul travller

Michael & Robyn

Hi Nick,

we ordered a spare one from Antal through euroomarinetrading.
see mail from them:
From  euromarinetrading:
Antal part
Does not have crossbar, that was added by Amel. 

Shackle on the car

We have a Bow shackle that fits that car.

752-5/16 – M8

No pin -  no threads,  hole Ø  8,5 mm   

(fits the pin in the car. I dry-fitted it on a similar car we have in stock)

Shackle is actually of the HR quality which is some 30-40% stronger than a standard

Net price             $16.40

It does not have the bar, that is Amel specific modification. So far it works fine.
I was concerned using the one with the broken welding. But you could potentially just get a matching shackle from Budget Marine and have David drill out the thread an weld the extra bar in.
Michael & Robyn

currently in Jolly Harbour Antigua

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