Re: Check valve on Heat exchanger Raw Water Pipe?

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Perhaps an owner modification to add a fresh water flush



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Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] Check valve on Heat exchanger Raw Water Pipe?


Hi have a look a this- I am trying to identify what it is and why it is in place (it is corroded).  Ignore the relay wired thing- as it is just zip tied there.   I believe it to be a check valve put in place on the raw water hose from the impeller to the heat exchanger.  Later Model SMs with the Yanmar have this elevated (and shaky - makes me nervous some times)  heat exchanger.  In other photos i have found, I have yet to see this device on the hose- it is direct.   HOWEVER- it looks original, as it has the same cloth and glue method that AMEL used to secure all the other hoses.  Also there is a custom stainless steel mount holding it (very AMEL).  Does anyone else have this?  Was it added to some later model SMs by AMEL to address some nuance?  I would love to know-as it is getting nasty and needs replacement or bypassing. 

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