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Marco Baldan

Thanks for the information Goetzy!


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Hallo Marco, i had a sharki before, now an sm #200, sharkis are Really nice for the mediterranean. I sold her, because i did not like the Perkins 4.108 Motor. Difficult to get spare parts (excerpt parts4engine), and an inch system for the screws, and very difficult to repair, because not much space in the motor room.

If you find one with a replaced Motor, under 60000, it will be a good solid bargain.

GOETZY, Happy with Amel SadoMaso #200 

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Dear Bill and Amel Yacht Owners Group,

Many thanks for giving me the possibility of listening to Olivier Zoom meeting, excellent informative event!
I am not yet an Amel Yacht Owner but interested in the Sharki model.
Will definitely contact Olivier for a survey, once identified good candidate units.

With my best regards,
marco baldan

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If you missed the meeting, try this link to play a recording of the meeting.


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