Re: Any SM owners use a Beta engine??

Dan Wilcox

i can take some pictures and measurements for you, and will also include mount models.  I'll run down to the boat today and send them tonight.

Thanks, Dan
Feierabend SM #86

On Wednesday, January 20, 2021, 05:19:30 AM PST, Mark Barter <markbarter100@...> wrote:

Hi Dan,

Sorry to resurrect this old topic but the installation didn't go well because the fitter failed to install new engine mounts meaning that we have excessive vibration and noise. I am going to have the mounts changed. 

What mounts did you end up using please? I can see they are different to the originals. Were you able to put them in the same place as the old mounts without alteration?

Mark & Nicky Barter
S/V Nunky
SM 110

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